Is Jesus the King of Your Heart?

When we are young we think that life will ever be before us.  Time seems endless and full of promise.  Slowly and comfortably we make our way, confident that we can postpone the uncomfortable because there will always be another tomorrow.  Then one day we turn around and reality hits us like a ton of bricks as the air robbing realization hits us that most of our tomorrows are now behind us.

Where did the days go?  When did the hours slip away? We wonder as with a fervor never known we pick up our to do list and fight to make each day count.


It is easy to lull ourselves into believing that we have all the time we want to chose for or against God.  But the prophetic clock is loudly declaring that we are living in the last dwindling moments of time, and that any moment the door of mercy is about to swing shut.


While this is all to common for the temporal life, sadly it is even more common for the spiritual life.  Engrossed with the gilded wonders of this world, we put off God’s call  to repentance and a turning from our worldly ways, for one tomorrow after another.  Easing our conscience with the thought that one day or two more does not matter because we can always answer the next call or the all after that. Besides, what does it really matter, all we are doing is having a little harmless fun, guarantying that our bank account will have a little bit more padding, or finding that special someone to share our lives with.

Missing one little opportunity to accept the offer of salvation is not such a big deal because there will always be another chance coming around the corner. But the Bible warns that this course is unwise because there may not be a tomorrow.  Because the day will soon come and is almost here  when God will stand up and declare that it is finished.

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Revelation 12:11

And never again will there be an opportunity for mankind to change sides.

If that hour comes, and the dramatic changes in the world around us are loudly warning that this crucial hour is almost here, it will be too late to except God’s call.  Too late to answer mercy’s tender pleas.  Our choice, good or bad will be final.  For when that day arrives our hearts, our souls, our very beings will have settled in so deeply that even though mountains should move and raging rivers should overflow and seek to swallow us up, they would not have the power to shake us from our choice.

Good or bad, the day is coming when we with our minds or hearts we will have settled down upon our foundation with all the firmness of a towering high rise.  And no power in heaven or earth will be able to sway us from our choice.


The door of mercy will close, not because God’s love for sinners has died, but because like in the day that Noah entered the ark, every living being on earth will have made their choice for or against God. And so firm will be that choice that not even a raging flood or the appearance of Christ in the midnight sky will alter it.


If dear reader your desire, your hope is to one day walk those peaceful streets of gold and to be part of that glorious angel choir, then today, while the Holy Spirit still strives with the heart of man, today while you hear God’s voice speaking to your heart, answer His call.  Accept His free offer of salvation, and make Jesus the King of your heart.


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